S-RMS1AM-ACC Remote Camera Cable for Minolta's & Sony's Cameras

For remotely triggering Sony's cameras with RM-S1AM remote ports or Minolta's cameras with RC-1000 remote ports and controlling half-press / pre-trigger function using certain PocketWizard radios.

The S-RMS1AM-ACC is a special remote shutter release cable called a pre-trigger cable. A pre-trigger cable controls both the half-press and full-press function of your remote camera’s shutter release. When a camera is “pre-triggered”, it is like holding your camera’s shutter release button in the half-pressed or metering/focusing position.

This –ACC cable allows a compatible PocketWizard radio to independently control both half-press and full-press functions.

How to use:
1. Connect the 3.5mm miniphone end of this cable to the receiving Pocketwizard's sync port and connect the camera specific end of the cable to the camera's remote port.
2. Turn on all of your equipment and make sure the Channels match.
3. Press the test button on the transmitting PocketWizard radio to trigger the receiving PocketWizard and your remote camera.

Cable length: 3' (91 cm) & 1' (30 cm) Please select length when ordering.
From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone
To: Sony's RM-S1AM port or Minolta's RC-1000 port
Includes MSMM adapter 

Compatible with the following camera models:
Sony's cameras with the RM-S1AM remote port
Minolta's cameras with the RC-1000 remote port
Note: NOT for Sony' s multi/micro USB port.See the S-VPR1-ACC or the 13369-S remote camera cables.

PocketWizard compatibility:

    • PlusX
    • Plus III
    • Plus IV
    • FlexTT5
    • FlexTT6
    • MultiMAX with ACC port 
    • MultMAX II
    • For the Plus II, older MultiMAX, or other PocketWizard radios, we recommend using the included MSMM stereo to mono adapter or add the PTMM adapter.

Half-press and Pre-trigger functions

Half press keeps the camera awake as long as you are half pressing the test button. This is available when using a Plus III as a transmitting radio and a Plus III or Plus IV radio as a receiving radio with Channels 17-32.

Pre-trigger keeps the camera awake constantly. This is available when using a MultiMAX or MultiMAX II as a transmitting radio and a MultiMAX or MultiMAX II as a receiving radio with Channels 17-32. Pre-trigger function is also available with any PocketWizard radio by adding the PTMM adapter.