Plus IV Custom ID

$ 95.00

A Custom ID is a private digital code that no one can trigger but you. It is a premium service offered exclusively by PocketWizard. In hyper-crowded shooting environments, such as large sporting events, Custom IDs give you the confidence to know that your remote flash or camera can only be triggered by you and not any other photographer. It is a unique code installed on top of an existing PocketWizard frequency replacing one of your normal Standard Channels with your new custom code and frequency combination.

NOTE: With a Custom ID, your radio will trigger on that one unique Channel. That means all of your PocketWizards need to have a Custom ID to communicate with each other. To use a PocketWizard with a Custom ID, you need at least 2 radios with the same ID installed.

We can either install Custom IDs on radios you already own, which means you will need to send them to us, or you can purchase Plus IV radios here and we can install the Custom IDs before we ship them. Please contact us at for more details.

Price is based on a single Custom ID installation. Radios sold separately.