Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC

  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC
  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC
  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC
  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC
  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC
  • Plus IVe Transceiver - FCC

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PocketWizard now offers the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use, reliable wireless trigger. The Plus IVe Auto-Sensing Transceiver provides photographers with the benefit of on camera TTL flash combined with remote manual flash. It comes with PocketWizard’s enhanced firmware, the E Release, factory installed to deliver incredible range and enhanced reliability right out of the box for when you can’t miss a shot.

Built on the reliability and simplicity of the PocketWizard PLUS legacy line of products and loaded with numerous features and functionality, the Plus IVe Transceiver is the “go to” radio when a fast set-up is required. You will need at least 2 radios, one to use as a transmitter to trigger and one to use as a receiver. Plus IVe in an Auto-Sensing Transceiver and will automatically function as either a transmitter, a receiver, or both.

When used as a transmitter, the top shoe provides on camera TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras and flashes. When used as a receiver, the top shoe pairs with virtually any speedlight for easy mounting and manual power adjustment of your remote flash. It can also be used with Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe for manual triggering up to X-sync, either on camera or as a remote.

Get 2 Plus IVes and a G-Wiz case in our Plus IVe Transceiver Kit!

or 1 Plus IVe and 2 Plus IIIes, with a G-Wiz case in our Plus IVe/Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit!

This is an FCC frequency radio which can only ship to an address within the United States.  For anyone outside the US, please visit our Where to Buy page to find your favorite dealer.

The Plus IVe offers:

  • Incredible Range and Rock-Solid Reliability: Trigger off-camera flash(es) and/or remote camera(s) from remarkable distances even in challenging environments
  • Huge Number of Channels: Great radio reception without interference, select from 32 E Channels and in Long Range (LR) Mode, select from 80 LR Channels
  • Hot shoe on top: Enables on-camera fill flash or quick set up for off camera flash with no cables necessary
  • Flexible Triggering with Four Zones on Every Channel: Activate or deactivate remote flash(es) and/or camera(s) in groups or individually controlled Zones
  • Universally Compatible with Most Cameras and Flashes: Use with virtually any camera via hot shoe or PC port and flash via sync connection
  • E Release Firmware Factory Installed: Benefit from ground-breaking new technology with enhanced reliability right out of the box

Important information: PocketWizard Plus IVe is fully compatible with PocketWizard E Series radios that have the E Release firmware. To communicate with a non E Series PocketWizard radio, like a PlusX or Plus II, or with another Plus IV radio that has not been upgraded, the unit can be downgraded to Legacy firmware quickly and easily and upgraded again to the E Release as often as you like using the PocketWizard Utility.


Key Features:

On Camera TTL Flash / Remote Manual Flash

Quad-Zone Triggering

Metal Foot

Auto-Relay Mode

Remote Camera Trigger

Auto-Sensing Transceiver

Long Range Capability

Repeater Mode (RP)

High Speed Receive

PocketWizard Reverse Compatible

Simple User Interface

USB Upgradable 

See details at the PocketWizard Wiki.




FCC/IC model: 340.00 - 354.00  MHz North America


112 Channels Total:
1-32  Quad-Zone E Channels
1-80 Long Range Quad-Zone LR Channels


A - B - C - D
Compatible with other PocketWizard radios with E Release firmware


Precision tuned internal coil


Backlit 2.5cm (1.0") liquid crystal display (LCD)


E Channel: Up to 500 meters (1600 feet)
LR Channel: Up to 800 meters (1/2 mile)

NOTE: Actual range is dependent on multiple factors including equipment, mode, environment, positioning, orientation, and interference.  

Sync Speed:

Up to 1/250 for focal plane shutters
Up to 1/500 for leaf shutters

Triggering Speed:

Up to 14.5 frames per second (FPS)

Contact Time:

62 milliseconds in normal operation
2 milliseconds in High Speed Receive (HSR) Mode

Status Indicator:

LED: Green, Amber, Red status indications

Transmit Output Power:

Less than 1 milliwatt (0.001 watt)


Two (2) AA (IEC:LR6) alkaline recommended
NiMH, NiCAD, NiZn, Lithium acceptable (these chemistries may not report battery life accurately)
USB (optional AC adapter PW-AC-USB available)

Battery Life:

Up to 50 hours (with alkaline batteries)

Max Port Sync Voltage:

Camera / Flash Port: 300 Volts
Hot Shoe (off camera): 300 Volts
Hot Shoe (on camera): When using a 3rd party flash on camera, verify camera and flash specifications for voltage compatibility. On camera speed lights are directly connected to the camera's hot shoe electrically.

Mac Current Handling:

Camera / Flash port: 1.0 A peak, 0.2 A (1/5 Amp or 200 milliamp) continuous current limited

Voltage Present:

3 volts, safe for use with all digital and film cameras


USB 2.0 Mini-B Connector


High impact plastic with captive battery door


130 grams (4 ounces) with alkaline batteries installed, 90 grams / 3.1 oz (no batteries) 


Height: 4.5 cm (1.8")
Width: 5.9cm (2.3")
Depth: 10.4cm (4.1")

Operating Temperature:

Above -15 degrees C (5 degrees F) and below 50 decrees C (120 degrees F)

Storage Temperature:

Above -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F) and below 85 degrees C (185 degrees F) (without batteries)


3.5mm (1/8") stereo miniphone jack, hot shoe


Metal foot, 1/4-20 threaded insert

In the Box:

Quick Guide
Operation reference sticker

RoHS Compliant:


Optional Accessories:

Isolation bar, trigger buttons, camera motor drive cables, PC cables and adapters, flash sync cables and protective case


Compatible for use with industry standard hot shoes, PC sync terminals, etc.  Safe 3 volts sync voltage for modern digital camera systems.
Compatible with most flashes and triggering circuits.  Can handle up to 300 volts.  See our cables and adapters section for appropriate connecting cables.
2-Stage triggering works as expected for most modern cameras when using an ACC cable.  A few exceptions are detailed below:

Plus IV Operational Considerations:

1) Nikon Cameras with MC-DC2 ports do not provide half-press, or full press output through the MC-DC2 port.  This means that any camera using an N-MCDC2-ACC cable won't be able to provide the "half press your remote camera from the camera in your hand" operation when using the shutter release button.  This affects the following cameras:


Note: This does NOT impact half-press or full-press INPUT to the camera, as this works just fine with the N-MCDC2-ACC cable on a remote camera.

2) Nikon Cameras with a MC-DC1 port using an NM4-ACC cable do not provide "half-press" output, but it does provide "full-press" output.  This affects the following cameras:


3) Compatible with flashes up to 300 Volts.