Tutu Pink G-Wiz Squared Gear Bag

  • Tutu Pink G-Wiz Squared Gear Bag
  • Tutu Pink G-Wiz Squared Gear Bag
$ 24.00

Keep your PocketWizards safe and help others at the same time!

We are happy to announce that you can now buy the Tutu Pink G-Wiz Squared bag separately for your PocketWizard radios! You will also be helping support families with breast cancer, as all profits from the sale will go directly to our friends at The Tutu Project.

The PocketWizard G-Wiz Squared bag holds up to four Plus III’s and connector cables and features movable hook-n-loop padded dividers allowing photographers to customize this bag to fit their gear-packing needs. The G-Wiz Squared opens from the top allowing photographers to ensure at a glance that all their PocketWizard gear is neatly and safely packed away.  And, the padded movable dividers provide extra protection when traveling. 

Features: Zippered inside pocket perfect for connector cables, Super Snap Closure attachment straps, movable hook-n-loop padded dividers, 2.8" wide x 4.7" high by 4.7" deep, and durable rip-stop nylon construction.