Panasonic Remote Camera Cable

$ 18.00

For remotely triggering select Panasonic cameras with a 4 pin 32.5 mm Panasonic remote shutter release terminal.  SEE COMPATIBILITY TAB.  Allows independent control of the half-press function when using certain PocketWizard radios. 

  • Plus III/IV, FlexTT5 or MultiMAX with ACC port: Independent control of both half-press and full-press functions with these radios.
  • PlusX: This -ACC cable works as a basic remote shutter release cable (no half-press control) right out of the box, no adapter required.
  • NOT compatible with Plus II, older MultiMAX, and Classic PocketWizard radios.


Cable length: 3' (91.5 cm) 

From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone
To: 3/32" (2.5mm) Panasonic stereo subminiphone

Part Number: PAN-ACC

Compatible with cameras using Panasonic's RSL remote termininal or sub-miniphone connector including: 

  • GH4
  • FZ1000
  • Most other Panasonic cameras with 4 pin 2.5mm remote connector

Please note:  Many manufacturers, including Olympus, Fuji, and Pentax, now use 2.5 mm sub miniphone ports for their remote cable releases. The Panasonic sub-miniphone connection is specific to Panasonic. Please see our CM-E3-ACC for standard 2.5 mm connections.


• PlusX
• Plus III/IV
• FlexTT5 for Panasonic (requires firmware update)
• MultiMAX with ACC port

*NOT compatible with older Plus or MultiMAX PocketWizard radios