G-Wiz Uber Bag

$ 30.00

The PocketWizard Uber bag will give you storage options for all kinds of different equipment. You can fit 2 flashes inside with FlexTT5s attached, a medium to large camera with a lens attached, 12 Flex TT5/6s, multiple Plus or MultiMAX radios, or any other camera equipment you can think of. When you open the padded Uber bag's zippered top, you'll also notice two pockets in the top flap for storing smaller radios, batteries, cables, or any other little accessory you might want to keep with you. There is a handle on the end to grab it with as well as a flat top pocket for quick access. The internal dimensions are 10" long x 5" wide and 4" deep, not including the two internal pouches. The internal pouches are 2" x 4.5" x 1" and 4" x 4.5" x 1".
Note: This product is only available through the PocketWizard online shop.