Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC

  • Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC
  • Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC
  • Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC
  • Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC
  • Plus IIIe Transceiver Kit - FCC
$ 221.00

Bonus Bundle savings of 15% when you purchase a bundle versus individual units! The Plus III Bonus Bundle includes two Plus III Transceivers and a black G-Wiz Squared bag. The ideal combination for using a single remote studio strobe or speedlight. It's also the best set of radios to use for remote camera triggering-just add in the appropriate remote cable for your camera!

  • All-in-one Kit: Easy to use kit with two (2) Plus IIIe radios and padded storage bag –everything needed to get started or to expand capabilities for remote photography and/or off-camera flash
  • Incredible Range and Rock-Solid Reliability: Trigger off-camera flash(es) and/or remote camera(s) from remarkable distances even in challenging environments
  • Huge Number of Channels: Great radio reception without interference, select from 32 E Channels and in Long Range (LR) Mode, select from 80 LR Channels all with Quad Zones.
  • Universally Compatible with Most Cameras and Flashes: Use with virtually any camera via hot shoe or PC port and flash via sync connection
  • E Release Firmware Factory Installed: Benefit from ground-breaking new technology with enhanced reliability right out of the box

The Plus llle Transceiver Kit for remote triggering offers everything you need to get started with remote photography and/or off-camera flash (OCF). The Kit comes with two (2) Plus IIIe radios, one to use as a transmitter to trigger and one to use as a receiver. Plus IIIe radios are Auto-Sensing Transceivers and will automatically function as either a transmitter, a receiver, or both. This kit comes with the cables you need and a padded G-Wiz Squared bag for safe keeping of your PocketWizard kit. The Plus IIIe radios come with PocketWizard’s enhanced firmware, the E Release, factory installed to deliver incredible range and enhanced reliability right out of the box for when you can’t miss a shot.


Note: PocketWizard Plus IIIe radios are fully compatible with PocketWizard E Series radios that have the E Release firmware. To communicate with a non-E Series PocketWizard radio, like a PlusX or Plus II, the unit can be downgraded to Legacy firmware quickly and easily and upgraded again to the E Release as often as you like using the PocketWizard Utility.

This is an FCC frequency radio kit which can only ship to an address within the United States or Canada. For anyone outside North America, please visit our Where to Buy page to find your favorite dealer.

Kit includes:

Plus IIIe Transceivers
1 Black G-Wiz Squared Bag
1 Stereo (1/8") miniphone to miniphone cables
1 Mono 3.5mm miniphone to locking PC cables
1 Stereo 3.5mm miniphone to 6.3mm (1/4") adapters
2 Lanyards