Polarity Reversing Cable Adapter MMRP

$ 20.00

Fix polarity issues!  

The PlusX, Plus III, and Plus IV have well-designed triggering circuits that can safely handle a wide range of sync voltages and compatibility. They expect flash packs to have their sync circuits wired in the correct industry-standard polarity, however. Sometimes flash packs are not wired in the correct polarity. This simple adapter corrects that!

Cable length: 8" (21 cm)
From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono miniphone female
To: 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono miniphone male, polarity reversed


Connect this adapter to your Plus radio, then connect your sync cable to the adapter.

Compatible with all PocketWizard Flash Sync Cables


Reversed Polarity Symptoms:

You may have a polarity issue if any one of these are true:

  • When you connect the flash to your Plus radio, the LED on the Plus turns red and stays red, like it is stuck transmitting all the time
  • Your flash fires once, but then never again
  • With the sync cable already connected to your Plus, connect the sync cable to your flash. If the flash fires as you insert the plug, that is a reversed polarity symptom