Nikon 10 Pin Remote Camera Cable

  • Nikon 10 Pin Remote Camera Cable
  • Nikon 10 Pin Remote Camera Cable

For remotely triggering Nikon cameras with a 10-pin remote shutter release terminal.  Allows independent control of the half-press function when using certain PocketWizard radios. 

  • Plus III, FlexTT5 or MultiMAX with ACC port: Independent control of both half-press and full-press functions with these radios.
  • PlusX: This -ACC cable works as a basic remote shutter release cable (no half-press control) right out of the box, no adapter required.
  • Plus II, older MultiMAX, and Classic PocketWizard radios: Requires MSMM adapter (included!)


Cable lengths: 3' (91.5 cm) and 1' (30 cm)  Please select length when ordering.

From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone
To: Nikon 10-pin remote shutter release terminal

Compatible with cameras using Nikon's 10-pin remote terminal including: 

 Nikon Kodak  Fuji
D4s  D810 DCS Pro SLR/n S5 Pro
D4  D800E DCS Pro 14N S3 Pro UV IS
D3X  D800 DCS 760 S3 Pro
D3s  D700 DCS 720x IS Pro
D3  D500 DCS 660
D2Xs  D300s DCS 660M
D2X  D300 DCS 620
D2Hs  Nikon Film DCS 620x
D2H  F6  
D1X  F5  
D1H  N90s  
D1X  N90    

 * Not compatible with D200 or D100 with MB-D100 - see N10-ACC-D200

• PlusX
• Plus III/IV
•  Plus IV
• FlexTT5
• MultiMAX with ACC port
• For the Plus II, older MultiMAX or other PocketWizard radios, please use the included MSMM stereo to mono adapter or add the PTMM adapter.