Canon N3 Remote Camera Cable

  • Canon N3 Remote Camera Cable
  • Canon N3 Remote Camera Cable

For remotely triggering Canon cameras with a N3 remote shutter release terminal and controlling half-press function using certain PocketWizard radios.

This is a special remote shutter release cable called a Pre-Trigger cable. A pre-trigger cable controls both the half-press and full-press function of your remote camera’s shutter release. When a camera is “pre-triggered”, it is like holding your camera’s shutter release button in the half-pressed or metering/focusing position.

This –ACC cable allows a compatible PocketWizard radio to independently control both half-press and full-press functions..

Cable lengths: 3' (91.5 cm) and 1' (30 cm)  Please select length when ordering.

From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone
To: Canon N3 remote terminal

Compatible with cameras using Canon's N3 remote terminal including:

EOS 1 EOS-1V EOS 20D DCS 560
EOS-1D Series EOS-1V HS EOS 30D DCS 520 
EOS-1Ds Series EOS-3 EOS 40D  
EOS-1D X Series EOS 5D Series EOS 50D  
EOS 6D Series EOS D30  
EOS 7D Series EOS D60  
EOS D2000  

•  PlusX
•  Plus III
•  Plus IV
•  FlexTT5 / FlexTT6
•  MultiMAX with ACC port
•  For the Plus II, older MultiMAX, or other PocketWizard radios, we recommend using the included MSMM stereo to mono adapter or add the PTMM adapter.