FCC PowerMC2 Receiver

$ 101.00

The PowerMC2 Receiver Module enables remote power control of Einstein™ E640 flashes using PocketWizard ControlTL technology. With a MiniTT1 Transmitter or FlexTT5 Transceiver on your camera and a PowerMC2 plugged into your Einstein™ E640 flash, you can now adjust the flash power settings directly from the camera position.

Add the AC3 ZoneController and you can control three different zones of lights in 1/3-stop increments with up to a six-stop range. Utilize PocketWizard’s unique features such as HyperSync and Optimized Rear Curtain Sync for maximum control of your lighting.

See more about the PowerMC2 at the PocketWizard Wiki.

This is an FCC frequency radio which can only ship to an address within the United States. 


FCC/IC model: 340.00 - 354.00  North America


52 Channels over 26 Frequencies - US FCC/IC


2.7" (6.9 cm) rubberized


Five-pin remote socket

Zone Select Switch:

A-B-C  -  Plus Zone "D" if receiving on a QuadZone Triggering Channel.

Status Indicator:

LED: Green, Amber, Red Status indications


USB Compliant 2.0, Mini-B Connector, 5VDC regulated, 100mA, Pin 1 Positive, Pin 4 Ground

Operating temperature:

Above -15° C (5° F) and below 50° C (120° F)


(without battery)

Above -30° C (22° F) and below 85° C (185° F)


High impact plastic, rubberized antenna


Receives power from attached flash


4.66" (11.84 cm) long x 1.29" (3.27 cm) wide x .43" (1.09 cm) depth


.77 ounces (21.83 grams)

Included in the box:

PowerMC2 Receiver, Quick Guide

RoHS Compliant



Must be used in conjunction with a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 on camera for power control capability.  May be paired with any PocketWizard transmitter or transceiver for simple triggering.


The PowerMC2 is currently only compatible with the Einstein™ 640 flash.