Hernan Rodriguez | Going remote with PocketWizard radios

By Heather Ambrose
on November 16, 2015

Copy and images provided by Hernan Rodriguez and edited by Heather Ambrose. Hernan Rodriguez is an International Award winning professional photographer specializing in commercial photography and portraiture.
Please visit www.hernanphotography.com and Hernan's Facebook page.

I was recently asked in a workshop on the importance of using a remote flash trigger system, and the value it adds to my work. It’s something that I never thought twice about, but now that I think about it, I can’t imagine shooting without my PocketWizard radios. It is one of the first investments you must make if you would like to become an efficient studio photographer.

Shooting with the PocketWizard Plus III facilitates clean wireless shooting in all situations.

A great volume of my work is in celebrity and publicity portraiture. There are many benefits I can’t imagine shooting without. The first I would never take for granted is the clean shooting conditions the PocketWizard radios create in the studio, streamlining my multiple setups, free of wires and cables, and easily accessing every set, by the simple change of a channel. In working with a celebrity, efficiency is of the highest priority. Many times I’m on location at a celebrity’s home, and the extensive amount of equipment I sometimes show up with, can be very alarming to my client. So my solution is to start simply with one power pack, two lights, and a set of PocketWizard remote triggers. This makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes this is all I use for the entire session. My most recent publicity session was an editorial photo shoot for my client Ryoko which was to be used for her upcoming book cover. The day consisted of shooting in her 5,000 square foot penthouse, in multiple rooms. This included shooting outdoors on her 30th floor balcony. With my PocketWizard wireless trigger system, I was able to pre-assign specific channels for each location, after pre-lighting and custom white-balancing each individual setup. This is very beneficial when working on commercial, fashion and wedding shoots or when efficiency is of the upmost importance.

This image was taken with window light and a Dynalite Baja triggered remotely.

Dynalite flash units triggered remotely on separate channels for mixed lighting setup.

My client Ryoko, had so many amazing images to choose from for PR. and editorial purposes. The image cover for her book was a beautiful shot of her gazing into the distance.

This image was created using a Dynalite SP800 with two flash heads triggered remotely.

A separate channel was allocated for this shot of Ryoko in her living room with one light.

One of the biggest challenges I encounter is working with elaborate setups and commercial photo shoots, along with the detailed planning of multiple lighting setups. I have been known to work with as many as 16 lights and seven power packs. Keeping track of the role of each individual light is not an easy task. My PocketWizard radios allow me to group my lights with specific channels, test and trigger if needed remotely from my camera, and create both a cohesive and aesthetic scheme for the entire day. With the assistance of my PocketWizards, I am also able to get through the day with less physical assistants.

This image of Ryoko was created with a mixture of window light and portable packs.

The PocketWizard Plus III allows me to walk into a pre-lit setup, choose a channel, and begin shooting.

This is one of my favorite shots of Ryoko. As she is an author in a modern era, the mixture of using the organic setting in her personal space, with the use of a laptop was a great contrast. Her natural expression and her inner peace is also infectious in this image.

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